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Thursday 23 July2020

Ecologia e Rivoluzione

Eutopia Arci

Eutopia Arci and Precious Plastic Salento present ECOLOGY AND REVOLUTION, an innovative project for the artistic recycling of plastic. Via Montecassino 14, Galatina. 9:00 pm

Eutopia has always been against waste and sensitive to the issues of conscious consumption, always reducing its waste to the maximum possible! we could only rejoice to meet this new reality, in fact we invited her to our home (and yours, of course)! We will see together what can be done to reduce the environmental impact of plastic with the wonders of technology!

Bring your hard plastic packaging (HDPE, LPDE and PP types, usually you will find the codice engraved on the packaging) and give them to them! Amazing creations will come out of it.

Free entry with ARCI card

 Events created by: EUTOPIA ARCI Via Montecassino,14 Galatina