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Saturday 25 January2020

Rassegna Musicalia: Storiella bonsai di Max Nocco

Eutopia Arci

For the EUTOPIA MUSICALIA review, presentation of the book -Storiella bonsai- by Max Nocco. In via Montecassino 14, Galatina. Entrance reserved for Arci card holders. 9:00 pm

STORIELLA BONSAI was born as a joke, out of nowhere, on a comfortable fiery red sofa, in the middle of winter. From here started the homage of Max Nocco to these 51 artists, who he feels his absolute - confidants -, so much to play ironically with them, fantasizing surreal - friendships - and grotesque situations. A personal tribute that absolutely does not have the novelist's pretense as a novelist, but that can intrigue and recommend repeated listening to those who have never had to deal with these musicians (we highly doubt, given the legendary names treated inside). STORIELLA BONSAI, book published for the Ergot editions of Simone Rollo from Lecce, also collects Massimo Pasca's drawings and graphic illustrations by Marina Kilismanis, skilled in creating a logical thread with Max's stories. Well, now are you curious enough? Come and discover everything else on Saturday 25 January at 21:00, at the Arci Eutopia (Galatina), between readings, vinyls, chatter and more.

Writing pays homage to music in the 51 short stories that make up a path between the musicians and albums that have marked history. -Max Nocco chooses the way of the sketch, of the very short story-, of the anecdotal detail to let us observe closely the pieces of a large mosaic. "Fragments of life linked to precise sounds and personal visions" to be evoked together, on this evening dedicated entirely to music, to those who love it and those who love to tell it, which will inaugurate our new cycle of meetings: -Musicalia-.

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