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Galatina is the navel of Salento. Located 20 km southeast of Lecce, its territory is about 78 m above sea level and covers almost 8200 hectares. It includes the hamlets of Noha, Collemeto and Santa Barbara and has about 27,000 inhabitants.
But Galatina goes beyond its technical data. It has its charm in the history that tell its streets, its buildings and its churches, even before what can be discovered in books. Entering its historical center means letting yourself be amazed by a past that still today gives off incredible suggestions.
To understand its secrets, Galatina will invite you, every day with a different scent, to fall in love with its cuisine, its typical products and its craftsmanship.
And then it will make you dance to the unmistakable sound of tambourines, marking the time of something that time does not like the pizzica, with legends, traditions and studies related to the phenomenon of tarantism.
Galatina is a casket of magic to be opened and admired, living every inch of it.