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The Patronal Feast

Galatina and the Feast of the Patron Saints Peter and Paul

The patronal feast of Sts. Peter and Paul in Galatina is a much awaited moment in the city and in Salento because it combines popular tradition, legend, civil and religious events in a frame of colors that over time has been increasingly defined in its uniqueness.

Illuminations, stalls, music, but also re-enactment of what happened on June 29th to the so-called "tarantate" who asked St. Paul's grace and obviously solemn moments from the Mother Church echoed throughout Galatina, from the procession through the streets of the town to at the Holy Mass presided by the archbishop.

  Rievocazione storica dell'antico rito del Tarantismo a cura di : Club per L'UNESCO di Galatina