Visit Galatina

About us

VisitGalatina is a project of the Metropolitan Adv communication agency that offers a dynamic web platform focused on Galatina, its treasures and its initiatives, with the specific purpose of a participatory territorial promotion in which talents and professionalism of all kinds converge.

This is a 360-degree service that starts from the historical notes regarding the city and goes up to the events that constantly animate Galatina, especially at certain times of the year. But it is also a showcase that manages and measures the accommodation capacity of the city, as well as showing everything related to crafts and food and wine whose value is already recognized nationally and internationally.

The local community and tourists from all over Italy and the world will be able to have an important information space through VisitGalatina, but they will also be able to participate in the first person, highlighting historical / artistic gems or events to be included in the calendar.

So Galatina's commercial activities will have their own page here to make themselves known and give the opportunity to web surfers to discover the products of this or that particular store. The accommodation businesses will then have a booking dedicated to them that they can take advantage of to offer an additional service to those who want to spend a stay of pleasure and relaxation in Salento. Galatina is more and more a desired destination, not a quick passage for tourists who have heard it absently. Galatina offers a series of historical, food and wine and entertainment itineraries to anyone who does not want to experience the city superficially.

VisitGalatina involves all the actors who care about Galatina and its potential, from commercial activities to schools, from the municipal administration to associations in a global vision of total promotion of the city.