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Sunday 16 February2020


Circolo Levèra

For the review -The indiscipline. Resistant Theater- Levèra hosts ARMAMAXA THEATER in ORLANDO Furiously Solo Rolling, staged and told by Enrico Messina. Via Bellini 24, Noha (Galatina). 20:30

Collaboration at the staging of Micaela Sapienza
taken from HRUODLANDUS Free rolled Medieval
by Enrico Messina and Alberto Nicolino

White shirt, a trumpet and a stool: that's all you need to tell the story of the paladins of Charlemagne and the terrible Saracens. The essentiality of the scene is contrasted by the richness and colors of the images evoked: camps, knights, ladies, duels, enchantments, palaces, armor, steeds ... A whirlwind of battles and pursuits whose engine is always the passion, true or presumed, for a woman, a knight, an ideal. Real transportation or illusory spell? They are just stories. Timeless stories of men of all times, in which everything is paradox, hyperbole, exasperation.

Rediscover the pleasure of word making and fascination, the sense of listening to stories and listening to them with others. Art once very familiar to our culture, now neglected if not completely forgotten. This is why Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, which took the sap from the art of storytellers to become high literature; and that's why the overwhelming story that Italo Calvino made of it together with excerpts of images "stolen" from his other books such as -The Knight Non-existent-. Thus the words of Ariosto's songs and octaves take on new life, a little betrayed a little re-played, and the narration advances between flashes of dazzling humor and moments of great intensity, mixing origins, traditions and dialects. In the exciting work of writing some episodes have been taken, others reworked, others completely invented as it is in the very essence of the art of storytelling.

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Events created By: LEVERA  Via Bellini, 24 Noha Galatina

Levèra: an etymology that means to raise, to lift, to support, to pry, to blow . A strong wind rises and blows from the suburbs. A wind of inclusion, of rebirth, of possibility, of trust.