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Via San Rocco, 13 - Galatina (LE)
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Since 1996 Zona Franca in Galatina has been one of the most popular places in Salento (Puglia). Characteristic for its warm and lively environment, wood and copper, they merge to create a noteworthy atmosphere that together with the fine international beers and the fragrant and exquisite pizza, manages to combine ancient and modern flavors with the courtesy and efficiency of impeccable service.

The delicacy of our pizzas comes from the experience of skilled pizza makers and the traditional and appreciated cooking in a wood oven. From Zona Franca to satisfy everyone, there is pizza with different flours; the light, soft and digestible kamut, the Moreschina which is a mix of multigrain flours that make the pizza more crisp, fragrant and with the typical golden color, and the gold fiber Fiber type "1" obtained with the addition of wheat germ ground for a pizza rich in perfumes, minerals and fibers.