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Saturday 06 February2021

Giornata di tipizzazione per Fabrizio

Typing day for Fabrizio. At the Transfusion Center of the Galatina hospital. Reservations are recommended at 3288644327 (Piera) or 3296574627 (Maria Neve). From 15 to 19

TOGETHER FOR FABRIZIO He is Fabrizio, father of two beautiful children, suddenly struck by leukemia, his hope is a bone marrow transplant from a compatible donor. His angel is ready to save him, but he still doesn't know. Help us find it! Fabrizio is known by everyone in the small community of Aradeo (Lecce) because he is a kind, honest and supportive person. As we read from the Admo Puglia ODV website, which was the first to accept his call for a donor, Fabrizio, "during the lockdown, he produced and donated more than two thousand visors for hospitals throughout Italy (three hundred between Milan and Pavia ) ". But now he's the one who needs us all. The whole country is mobilizing to save him or another Fabrizio by entering the IBMDR register of bone marrow donors, but that's not enough! Only 1 in 100,000 is the chance that someone is compatible with him. So let's get this appeal to 100,000 children and help Fabrizio and his family to live! REQUIREMENTS TO BECOME CANDIDATE DONOR: - be between 18 and 35 years old - be in good health - weigh at least 50 kg - have a big heart what if you are over 35? You cannot enter the registry, but you can be the protagonist of his life or that of those waiting for a bone marrow transplant, sharing this message and making it reach Fabrizio's genetic twin.