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Thursday 27 August2020

Il Paese delle Storie

Biblioteca Pietro Siciliani

With the collaboration between the municipal administration, the P. Siciliani library in Galatina and Libermedia, SFOGLIANDO GALATINA was born. Fourth Path: THE COUNTRY OF STORIES: readings aloud for children between 5 and 10 years of age, edited by Daniela De Santis. Piazza Madonna of Constantinople, Collemeto. 7pm


The local pact for reading Galatina, even in this anomalous summer, has decided to offer a different look at the city by proposing a program of literary walks.
After a hard period, each forced into their own homes, these next few weeks can prove to be ideal moments to rediscover their city, looking at it with different eyes, to take back their spaces.
Starting from the book and reading, whose promotion the local Pact has made a fundamental objective of its activity, its supporters will accompany travelers to the discovery (or re-discovery) of some buildings and places in the city, telling the stories of the illustrious Galatinesi who, in some way, have linked their name to them. It will not be so much about traditionally defined tourist itineraries, but about walks, where visitors will be guided by some books that will tell about those places through the voice of the promoters of the Pact. On the other hand, just in the narration of places and people, the books can only be highly reliable guides, who will guide the curious wayfarers through a journey through time and space, which will try to embrace a bit all the ages: we will go therefore, from the medieval atmospheres of Maria d'Enghien up to the twentieth century, the philosopher Zimara and the patriotic painter Gioacchino Toma will get acquainted. There will also be different forms of narration, with theater and dance to underline the written word.
Five different routes have been organized, including two small trips to the nearby hamlet of Collemeto, while a special itinerary has been designed for young visitors: a journey to stop, discovering the city, on the wings of many wonderful illustrated books.

The maximum number of participants is 20 people, as established by the regional ordinance.
Info and reservations by writing mail to wait for confirmation email to be considered accepted.