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Viale Jonio, 24 - Galatina (LE)
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Visually original, simple in pronunciation despite the element of the "h" which almost adds a diversion.

From the Latin, it means "I begin, I undertake". He therefore has a strong idea of ​​what begins.
Incoho a Galatina binds itself to something new with a double knot, aiming to start a different path in the field not only of catering.
With the aim always clear of quality, Incoho wants the territory to have the opportunity to express its excellence by offering a meeting point that satisfies any need: for a ceremony, to celebrate the eighteenth, for a birthday and for any other occasion.
Incoho is the restaurant for those who want to experience the best cuisine, in the original deconstruction of the dishes created by the chef. Typical local products and national excellences, all accompanied by elegant, full-bodied wines, persistent in their unique taste.
And for those who can't give up pizza? Incoho is also a pizzeria with revisited and exalted flavors, combined with surprising beers.