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Wednesday 25 November2020

Un caffè alla pari

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, UN COFFE 'ALLA PARI is back. Live facebook, 6:30 pm

The Department of Equal Opportunities, the Equal Opportunities Commission, the Single Guarantee Committee of the Municipality of Galatina with the Malala Antiviolence Center of the Social Territorial Area of Galatina together to raise awareness against this serious form of violation of human rights.
Also this year we want to focus the spotlight, with those who deal every day and not only on November 25, on the problem of gender-based violence and harassment that women suffer in the family and in the workplace so that we can all together contribute to the uprooting. of this social plague.
The Councilor for Equal Opportunities and Deputy Mayor
Maria Rosaria Giaccari