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Saturday 25 July2020

Donazione del sangue Fratres Castrignano

Fratres Castrignano organizes Day of blood donation. At the transfusion center of the Santa Caterina Novella Hospital in Galatina. 8:00 am

In compliance with the various DPCM and circulars, participation will be allowed only to those who book. Interested parties must give their availability to the number 3403101262 with an SMS, via whatsapp or with a phone call or through the Facebook page Fratres Castrignano. Our contact will follow for all the necessary information.
Throughout the morning a continuous shuttle service will be guaranteed between our office in Via Asilo Nido and the transfusion.

As always, among the available donors in good health for which 3 months have passed since the last donation (6 months for women of childbearing age).
Furthermore, for the containment of Coronavirus infection, it is also necessary (synthetically) that the donor does not have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing.