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Thursday 23 January2020

Il TAMBURO Stage di Giancarlo Paglialunga

Giancarlo Paglialunga organizes in-depth workshops suitable for anyone who wants to know his method of using the drum. At the School -Messapia-, via Robertini 20 bis, Galatina. 19:00

At the Messapia School of Galatina we could learn about the various techniques and variants used for popular music, learn how important daily training and practical exercises that with time help to become a true drummer.

A starting point that is often skipped by those who attend only the squares and useful in all popular patrols.

Suitable for adults and children
Single time 19.00
Book at
Info Point Galatina 0836 569984
Simona. 328 2330400
Sabrina 349 3027177