Visit Galatina
Monday 18 May2020


Merchants, craftsmen, professionals, free citizens, belonging to the SOS GALATINA Group, together with other VAT numbers from the province. of Lecce and beyond, organized a demonstration against the government. In S. Pietro square in Galatina. 8:30 am

Demonstration in which the absence of concrete support in support of the economy is claimed, much praised in all the conferences by our leaders.

The aim of the initiative is to raise awareness of the Regional National Institutions on some problems consequential to the economic crisis caused by the Pandemic.

The event will take place with the presence in the square of a chair marked by the name of the activities that have confirmed their membership, plus the PIN Group (National VAT Numbers), ANA (National Association of Street Vendors), UFS Italy (National Union of Festivals and Festivals) and still others.

Info 327 4606566 (SOS GALATINA Group)